07 August 2012

Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

This Sunday, I went to another church on the border of Washington, D.C. and Maryland, but this time on the  Western edge, near Friendship Heights. The neighborhood was really nice and mellow, with a lot of churches along the way.

I could have sworn this Mass started at 11:00, and I arrived, late, from the Metro, at 11:10. However, it turns out I was wrong and the Mass had started at 10:30. I caught the very end of the Mass while standing at the back of the church. I was pretty embarassed, as I stood in the back and watched like a loser. The parish seemed like it was booming, with a Mass full of young families and children. The church building utilized a lot of stone, and looked like it had been constructed fairly recently. Outside was a giant fir tree that I can only imagine is utilized as a Christmas tree.