27 March 2010

GW Today Article

Check out this article by Menachem Wecker in this week's GW Today about my blog!

I won't be going to a new church this next week, I'm going to visit the Gettysburg battlefield with my history class. However, I hope to attend Easter Mass at the Basiliica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Keep reading!


  1. I saw the article of you in my Facebook news feed and had to take a look for myself. I, unfortunately, got out of the habit of going to church after coming to GW. After deciding that had to change second semester, I have explored a few different churches in DC. I live on The Vern and have found Our Lady of Victory to be a nice and extremely convenient church. If you ever want to save metro fare, I most definitely recommend it.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! Our Lady of Victory is on my list and I hope to get to it soon.

  3. I really dig your blog. Keep it up! It's completely inspired me to get my act together and check out some of the churches near me in Columbia Heights instead of hauling downtown every Sunday to St. Matthew's. Happy Easter.

  4. Good Job Michael !! Your Mom sent me and Monica a link to your blog.

    I added an outbound link to you from my web-site/blog.Check it out @ http://www.ajaymehta.com

    Best Regards,

    Monica & Ajay

  5. Anonymous from Columbia Heights: Check out the Shrine of the Sacred Heart, it's beautiful!

    Jay: Thanks! Hope you are all doing well!

  6. Thanks for linking my story! It was a lot of fun spending some time on this blog and reading your answers to my question. Thanks for taking the time.