24 April 2011

St. Augustine Church- Easter Mass

For Easter this year, I decided to go one of my favorite churches in Washington, St. Augustine Church on U St. (Click here to see my original post on St. Augustine from December 2009).They're famous for their fantastic gospel choir and energetic pastor, Father Pat. I invited my friend Mike from work to come with me, he's a student from Ohio spending the semester interning in Washington, D.C. We thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular music and the wonderful atmosphere. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I usually don't like going to my family parish church for most sunday masses bc the mass is so formal at times and i enjoy hearing the homilies from other priests... but for some reason, every year, I always feel like Easter just isn't Easter unless I go to my family parish! hha

  2. http://catholicmanhattan.blogspot.com/

    You have competition (or maybe its a franchise?)

  3. Kurt,

    Great catch! Thanks for sending that my way! Seems like he put a lot of work into that blog.