01 July 2012

Nuestra Senora Reina de las Americas (Our Lady Queen of the Americas)

At long last, I'm back in Washington after a semester in Ecuador and a short visit to my family and friends in California. With my senior year approaching, I decided to re-focus myself and finish the Capitol Catholic project, which I have dedicated so much time and effort to over the last couple years. I made a list and there's 13 churches left for me to visit. I'm excited to get working and am hoping to finish the project by the end of the fall semester.

My visit today was to Our Lady, Queen of the Americas Parish. They're located in a neighborhood northwest of DuPont circle, close to Sheridan Circle and Embassy Row. They do most of their Masses in Spanish, which was fine by me, since I've been looking for opportunities to practice the Spanish I've learned in Ecuador.

The parish doesn't have a typical church building, they have a three floor brick building which also doubles as a parish hall and a language school. The worship space was on the third floor, and was brightly colored. The walls were mostly a turquoise-y green and complemented with a salmon-y pink. There was also some crazy-bright colored stained glass on the right side of the church. I didn't take notes during the sermon today, but the Gospel reading was about Jesus curing a dying woman, so the priest offered a blessing of the sick.


  1. This building used to be Mackin High School, a mostly African American boys school. Before that it was Cathedral Latin School, a whites only Catholic boys school. Cardinal O'Boyle closed Latin, which had declining enrollment anyway, and gave the building to Mackin, which had been located elsewhere. The neighbors were not amused, to say the least.

  2. Hello Kurt. One of my friends went to Mackin. I never knew that part of its history. God bless Cardinal O'Boyle. He was a very brave man.

  3. Hi, glad you visited the Parish church. There is a rich history within these walls and the parish today is an important part of the community. In addition to the three Spanish masses on Sundays, there's a mass in English on Saturday at 5 -- tell your friends -- hope to see you back here when you finish your visits. Stop in and ask for Father Roberto. All the best, Rebekah

  4. Actually, Cathedral Latin High School (CLS) was Not an all-white school. It was the Achdiocese of Washington prep seminary high school which closed in 1971. while it may have had a majority of white students, it was a student body that was mixed with Asian-American, Latino-American and African-American students. I know as I attended the school as a freshman and sophomore until it closed. it was an excellent school.