30 August 2010

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (Los Angeles, CA)

I wanted to make sure that I visited the Cathedral of Our Angels before I left California. It’s a beautiful, modern church right in downtown Los Angeles. My good friend Todd agreed to come with me again.

My grandfather says that the Cathedral reminds him of a fortress, and I certainly see where he’s coming from. A series of walls surrounds a large courtyard, with the imposing church building serving as a castle. The church is not modeled after a Gothic cathedral or a Spanish mission; the modern architecture reminded me more of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  It had tall, sheer walls without a lot of decoration on them, other than tapestries of the saints along the sides of the church. A large stone cross appears to pop out of a window near the roof of the building. I really can’t give you an accurate description, you’ll just have to take a look at my pictures below. It was truly an awe-inspiring modern Cathedral, complete with a powerful organ and a brilliant choir. I imagine that my feeling of reverence was similar to what medieval worshippers felt when they walked into the great cathedrals of Europe.

The Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, who manages the largest Roman Catholic Archdiocese in the United States. The position is currently held by Cardinal Roger Mahony, but Pope Benedict has appointed Bishop Jose Gomez as his successor. Gomez is currently serving as Co-adjutor Bishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, which is something like a “co-bishop” position (He is still slightly lower in stature than Cardinal Mahony). Gomez will be the first Hispanic Archbishop of Los Angeles and the highest-ranking Hispanic bishop in the United States.

Todd and I were lucky enough to see Bishop Gomez give the Mass on the Celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Bishop Gomez emphasized Mary’s special position in the relationship between man and God. He said that she symbolized humility and our own hope of resurrection. He also talked about his personal relationship with Mary, saying that he went to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadelupe in Mexico City when he was first appointed to become Archbishop.


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Bishop Gomez walked right in front of our seats!

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