01 September 2010

Amtrak Catholic

Well, I'm back in Washington, D.C. after a long summer in California. I got a little behind in posting blogs because the end of summer got so hectic, but now I'm all caught up. I arrived on Saturday from a four-day long Amtrak ride across the country (with a 24-hour stop in Chicago). I saw a few interesting churches along the way, and I thought I'd share them.

This is an old church in New Mexico. Looks like it's abandoned, but kind of neat.

I spotted these two churches from the train window in Galesburg, Il.

St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church

I visited my friend Jenna in Chicago and we bumped into some interesting Catholic landmarks in the city. The first was the Archbishop Quigley Center, a former seminary that now serves as the headquarters for the Chicago Archdiocese. We also stopped by the Holy Name Cathedral. It's one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen. It's textbook Gothic design with some brilliant modern flourishes. I was particularly impressed with the carved wooden roof.

Archbishop Quigley Center

Holy Name Cathedral

Thanks for showing me around, Jenna!

I've had a wonderful summer and I've enjoyed comparing the churches I've seen in California to the ones back in Washington, D.C. I'm excited to continue on my journey. 

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